Migue Roth

Visual Storyteller & Communicator


Kevin Utz

Web Developer & Communicator



The story of Lozth

We met through our shared passions: travels, readings, and our craft. After sharing many mates —traditional infused herbal drink— and great memories, our friendship grew and so did our projects and ideas.

We decided to work with each other purely based on affinity, without any hierarchies or verticality’s. We were pursuing beauty and creativity. This is how we embraced this path and we stablished an unspoken pact we trust: communication needs to be strategic, with intention, well analyzed and implemented.

We both are characterized by constant learning, openness to new ideas, and strong professional skills.

We specialize on creating communicational pieces of quality. We are interested that your project and/or institution has a better public image. We offer you a professional service and constructive feedback.